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Rough Country Antlers

Monster Split Elk Chew

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100% Premium, All Natural Antler Dog Chew!

  • Your dog will enjoy split antlers because of the quick access to the tasty marrow!
  • Monster chews will be 8-10" in length and vary in color and width.

  • Order Quantity 1 equals 1 piece Monster Split Elk Chew (Half of a chew)
  • Provides a natural source of calcium. phosphorous, and other beneficial nutrients.

  • Supports clean teeth while satisfying the need to chew

  • Perfect for largest dog breeds
  • Made in the USA!
  • When antler chew is small and becomes a choking hazard, dispose of it and come back for another one!
  • Each chew in unique and will differ from featured image.

We recommend you monitor your dog while chewing antlers. Be aware that antler chews can chip teeth.